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Lara Wiens from Cologne
"I would like to spread the good mood and the typical local Cologne mentality to every crazy guy around the world. Further, I aim at showing other runners how picturesque our city is."
Simone Spahmann from Mainhardt
Nicole and Jörg Peters from Cologne
Petra Laserich from Essen

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Race information

What you have to know

Entry Fee
period entry fee
October 1 to December 31, 2017 € 125.00
January 1 to March 31, 2018 € 140.00
April 1 to June 30, 2018 € 155.00
July 1 to September 20, 2018 € 170.00
September 21 to 30, 2018 + expo € 180.00

Logo_AIMSWe will organise the Generali Relay Team Marathon according to Kölner Verein für Marathon e. V. regulations on the basis of Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband (DLV) e. V. and International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) rules.


Four runners form a relay team that is to absolve the total distance of 42.195 kilometres (12 – 11.5 – 6 – 12.7 k).


There is not any separate scoring for each gender and/or age classes.


This relay competition is open for private, club and company teams.

For the challenge relay team marathon you must at least be 10 years of age on race day (birthday in 2008 and older) and possess an official bib number with a transponder.


799 other relay teams may start with you.


Please note that, due to a strict timeframe, you are to complete the competition within a time of 6:00 hours net. Otherwise you will be taken off the course and brought to the finish area by bus.

The course has to be opened for the marathoners then.


We store and process the person-related data from your registration for the conduct and realisation of the event, particularly the data necessary for payment (via the raceresult AG) and communications.


Without the following consent a participation in our event is not possible:

You explicitly agree to the publication of your last name, first name, sex, year of birth, age category, club, bib number and result (position and times) in all race-related media such as online media (e. g. web site, app, live stream, social media), print media and TV.

Starting times (may be subject to change)


8:30 a. m. half marathon


10:00 a. m. marathon including relay teams
starting blocks RED, BLUE, YELLOW an ORANGE


11:20 a. m. pupils run


The start will be located on Opladener Straße next to Ottoplatz/Bahnhof Deutz.

In 2018 your time will be measured with a transponder attached to the bib number by race result for the first time.


You must wear a transponder to get an official finishing time!


Please fasten your bib number in breast height on shirt or wear a bib number belt.


Make sure that you overrun all chronometry mats along the course. Lacking interval times may cause in disqualification.


The first 10 finisher relay teams will be ranked by gross time and be marked by * in the result list.

The four team members will share the totoal distance of 42.195 kilometres.

The four stages have different distances:

  • 1st runner approx. 12.0 k
  • 2nd runner approx. 11.5 k
  • 3rd runner approx. 6.0 k
  • 4th runner approx. 12.7 k

Foto MedaillenEnjoy the moment! Directly after crossing the finish line your last runner will obtain the well-deserved finisher medals for all team members.


You may have a look onto a first, unofficial preliminary certificate with a click on the name of your relay team in the result list in the internet.


Your official certificate with the final time and positioning will be available approximately one week after the race (after the period for objection) at the same place.

Note: Within this period positionings may change.


Neumarkt serves as the meeting point for all relay teams.

Located with best transport connections in downtown Cologne the runners may meet here prior to the start, hand in their kit bags and get easily to the start and transition zones by KVB tram and subways.


After the event the relay team members will meet here again. Music, moderation, catering and sales booths as well as medal engraving and a look onto the other runners on the course will complete the portfolio.

Our race will be organized according to our, IAAF and DLV guidelines and specifications.


A violation of these provisions will directly lead to disqualification, i. e.:

  • starting without any bib number or any transponder
  • starting with more than one transponder
  • starting in the wrong starting block ahead, to be monitored via chronometry!
  • lacking interval times
  • alteration of the bib number such as concealing or deviating the sponsors bar
  • transfer of bib number and/or transponder to another person
  • abandoning or shortening the course
  • exceeding the given time limit
  • undershooting the required age
  • carrying along baby buggies, baby joggers etc.
  • carrying along animals
  • carrying along or using other technical devices
  • accompanying on bikes, inline skates etc.
  • taking illegal performance-enhancing substances (doping)
  • violences against DLV and/or IAAF competition rules

After run party in the “ReissDorf” on Neumarkt | meeting point

Foto After Run Party auf NeumarktAfter your sportive performance you may meet your team members, friends and companions in the “ReissDorf” and drink a tasty Kölsch beer. The “ReissDorf” will be located on Neumarkt.


You will get a voucher for a free Reissdorf Kölsch beer or non-alcoholic Reissdorf Alkoholfrei at the bib number each.


Besides catering options your medals may be engraved on Neumarkt. In case you did not pre-book this service please buy a voucher at our information point on Neumarkt.



Award ceremonies

Foto Siegerehrung HalbmarathonThe award ceremony of the fastest relay teams will be held on stage in the finish area.




Logo is our official photography partner.


The photographers will take pictures of you and your sportive performance. As soon as the pictures are online you will receive an email with a direct link to your pictures. The offer will comprise single photos, a package or upvalued photo products e. g. a picture with your finish time or a picture certificate. In order to get a nice range of pictures please wear your bib number visible on the chest.




During the year you may contact us Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a. m. to 1:00 p. m.


In the week of the event we will be available from 9:00 a. m. to 6:00 p. m. as well as on the marathon weekend from 8:00 a. m.  to 7:00 p. m.: +49 221 / 33 77 73 11


For questions concerning public transportation and schedules of local busses and trains on Sunday please call: +49 180 5 / 50 40 30.



Medal engraving

Icon MedaillengravurOn Neumarkt your medals may be engraved when you booked it with your registration. You will find a corresponding voucher on your bib number.

Otherwise you may also buy a voucher at the help desk of the Running.EXPO or on-site on Neumarkt at our merchandise booth.


Medical assistance

The overall course as well as the starting and finish areas will be monitored by medical services and doctors under the supervision of ASB (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund) Köln e. V. This personnel is entitled to take off sportspeople with indications of injuries and/or overexertion from the race.


Only attempt to participate if you are in a good state of health! In case of sickness or injury please do not start!



Besides the high-quality participant shirt you may purchase a plethora of current and iconic accessories and souvenirs. Come to our merchandise stands at the Running.EXPO and in the post-finish area next to the kit bag tents and on Neumarkt. And you of course can order these articles in our web shop after the event – while stocks last.



Late entries

Late entries for all competitions (school marathon excluded) may only be handed in at the Running.EXPO at the help desk (when paying directly cash or via credit card), as long as the participant limit is not reached.



Donation mat

Like every year we will support a charity project.

The receipts of the donation mat will be dedicated to children in need.


You may donate as follows: Run over the timing mat on the course. This is an indication for us that you are willing to donate and we will charge your bank account/credit card account with EUR 3.00.


The donation mat is specially marked and does not have to be run over. Donating is voluntary!



Bib numbers

Your bib number will automatically have a raceresult transponder on the reverse for chronometry reason (You thus do not need any ChampionChip any more).


You may pick up your race packet (bib number and kit bag) on the expo days (October 4 to 6, 2018) at the Running.EXPO on Neumarkt.


Note: You cannot pick up your race packet on race day. Please come to the Running.EXPO on Neumarkt on one of the previous three expo days to do so.



Changing tents | showers | massage

Next to the kit bag tents on Gereonstraße there will be changing tents separated by gender and shower containers. You will also find the massage area there.



Post-finish refreshment area

Foto VerpflegungsdorfOur post-finish REWE Group refreshment village – aka. “gourmets’ paradise” – will offer you fantastic and diverse foods, drinks and snacks. No wishes will remain unfullfilled! This is one of our USP (unique selling propositions)!

Recover again and enjoy!

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The fastest relay teams

Saucony Run Your World Team
Bunert / Rhein-Berg Runners
Funtastic 4 Cologne
Laufsport Bunert Köln
Laufsport Bunert Köln
TG Konz Saar-Mosel-Läufer
course record
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Köln Marathon

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2018 participant shirt

Finest Saucony quality for your body

Also this year we will offer you a stylish marathon/half marathon participant shirt in high-end Saucony quality, in red for women and blue for men.


Get your souvenir now! This edition is strongly limited!
The price of this functional shirt is € 29.00 each and it will be handed out on the race weekend.


You may order it within the online registration process.
In case you have already enrolled for October 7, 2018 please book the shirt via the edit link in your confirmation of particpation email.


Should you have any further question do not hesitate to send us an email to Thank you.


dein Startplatz-Rücknahmeschutz

Was ist, wenn Du kurz vor Veranstaltungsbeginn krank wirst?


Mit der HanseMerkur haben wir einen neuen Partner gefunden, der Deine Kosten für den Startplatz nicht nur bei Krankheit, sondern auch bei Unfall, Arbeitslosigkeit oder erheblichem Schaden am Eigentum bezahlt. Buche einfach den Startplatz-Rücknahme-Schutz – € 7,90 für den Halbmarathon bzw. € 9,90 für den Marathon – und schon kannst Du ganz beruhigt ans Training für den 4. Oktober gehen!


Ausführliche Informationen zum Versicherungschutz findest Du hier

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