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Germany’s #4 marathon on October 13, 2019

Dear journalists, October 13 will again mark a great sportive day here in Cologne: On this day we will organise the 2019 edition of […]

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20,750 euros donated by participants of the RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne

20,750 euros were donated by the participants of the RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne on October 1, 2017 for the “We for the local Cologne sport” (Wir […]

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Expo in 2017 again in LANXESS arena

Prior to the RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne the Running.EXPO will take place on September 29 and 30. This renowned sports trade fair with approximately 30,000 visitors […]

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Cologne – an interesting marathon destination for runners from abroad

Dear journalists, Germany’s marathon #4, the RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne, will take place on October 1, 2017.

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Experience the anniversary of the Cologne Marathon

Dear Madam or Sir,   Dear friends of the RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne,   19 years of marathon lie behind us. For this year’s anniversary

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20th anniversary race in Cologne on October 2, 2016

Dear journalists,   The RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne will celebrate its 20th anniversary on October 2, 2016. Please find detailed information

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Great demand for RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne

Anniversary race attracts more runners in Cologne The RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne will again lead thousands of international runners through downtown Cologne on October 2. Its […]

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Saucony becomes new supplier of RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne

  The producer of sportsware signs contract for three years Saucony becomes RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne’s new supplier.

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20 years of RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne – registration opened

Registration for 2016 opened On October 2, 2016 the RheinEnergieMarathon Cologne will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Themed “20 years.

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Press contact
Jan Broniecki
Press Officer

Dear journalists,


On October 4, 202o the Generali Cologne Marathon will set Cologne in motion.


Should you have any questions or be in need of any additional information please contact me.


phone: +49 221 / 33 77 73 16

email: jan.broniecki@koeln-marathon.de

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The next press conference will be take place in early October 2019. For more information please contact jan.broniecki@koeln-marathon.de . Thank you.


The period for application of an accreditation is over.


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