Terms, conditions and privacy

Terms, conditions and privacy

  • Operator of the Cologne Marathon app is Köln Marathon Veranstaltungs- und Werbe GmbH, Sportpark Müngersdorf / Radstadion, Peter-Günther-Weg, 50933 Cologne (Köln), GERMANY in cooperation with pooliestudios, Hohenzollernring 88, 50672 Cologne (Köln), GERMANY.
  • Participant is a legal person participating in competitions of the Cologne Marathon; excluding the pupils run and the kids run.
  • Spectator is a legal person not participating in competitions of the Cologne Marathon but eligible to use the app.
  • User is a participant or spectator using the Cologne Marathon app.


1 Conditions of use

  • The operator is releasing the Cologne Marathon app via iOS App Store and Google Play Store.
  • The user can act as participant or spectator.
  • The participants is a runner taking part in marathon, half marathon, or relay team marathon.
  • These terms and conditions specify the conditions of use for the Cologne Marathon app.
  • The usage of the app commences with the free download from either the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  • All data captured for timekeeping purposes by race result AG will be stored on servers in Germany and will be accessed and used by pooliestudios for the functionality of the app.


2 Usage – Registration

  • The participant will need to search, select, and confirm her/his last name, relay team name or bib number in the app. All relevant data (bib number, first and last name, competition, club or relay team name, and optionally profile picture) will be imported from and stored at the online registration/time keeping database.
  • The spectator can use the app without registration or login. She/he has access to publicly disclosed participant and result lists.


3 Chronometry via race result

  • During marathon, half marathon, and relay marathon chronometry will work exclusively with transponders supplied by race result. The transponder transmits a signal identifying the bib number only. No data will be captured or processed by the transponder.
  • Chronometry can only be guaranteed with adequate fixation of the bib number and passage of all chronometric systems (with the exception of the donation mat) by the participant.
  • Upon registration the participant purchases the obligatory transponder for chronometry.
  • All split times captured by chronometric systems will be stored on servers in Germany and will be accessed and used to display results on the official web site and app of the Cologne Marathon.


4 Tracking via race result

  • The participant can view individual split times as well as split times of other participants provided by race result. This service also includes the ability to track herself/himself and other participants.
  • The spectator can mark participants as favourites and view their split times and track these participants.
  • Upon passage of the chronometric systems at the start and in the finish chronometry will be automatically triggered.
  • Data retrieval for tracking purposes is updated by the app every minute from race result. This can lead to a minor delay for the visualisation of the measured split times especially during start and finish (Note in app: “Data is being captured”).
  • The participant’s location between official timing mats provided by race result is calculated from the mean running speed of the previously covered distance. The location of a participant will be displayed on the map in accordance to the calculation until the next official split time is reached.
  • The displayed location can vary from the actual location due to an abrupt alteration of a runner’s speed or a participant leaving the race.


5 GPS tracking with GPS location services

  • Additionally to the location calculation by split times provided by race result the participant can activate GPS location services on her/his mobile device for a more accurate visualisation of her/his location (recommended by the operator).
  • GPS data will only be processed on the participant’s mobile device and not be sent to a server or transmitted to third parties. For optimisation GPS data will be combined with split times captured every minute from race result.
  • Should data from race result and GPS location services vary, GPS data will be overwritten by official split times from race result.
  • The usage of GPS location services during the race may cause increased power consumption and battery drainage of the smart phone. For optimal user experience the participant should fully charge her/his mobile device prior to the race.
  • Prerequisite for GPS tracking are the availability of GPS reception, mobile reception and activation of mobile data on the participant’s mobile device.


6 Sharing

  • (Personalized) visual material – e. g. course map, congratulations chart, finisher certificate link, live stream link, # social wall link etc. – will be generated within the app. This material can be shared with friends on available social media platforms (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, twitter, E-Mail, WhatsApp, SMS etc.).
  • The app can also be recommended.


7 Badges

  • The participant can collect awards, so called badges, when achieving certain criteria (times, rankings).
  • The following badges will be awarded: finisher, champion, Cologne city champion, age group champion, student cup champion, donator for charity project, broom wagon escaper.
  • Badges are available as figures in the settings of the app.


8 Privacy

  • The participant agrees that the following information will be published: first and last name, club, competition, year of birth, sex, bib number and result (rankings and split times), profile picture if uploaded. This information will be accessible in her/his own app, in the her/his lists and that of other participants as well as in favourites lists of spectators.
  • The participant agrees to the transfer of her/his personal data collected during registration to pooliestudios (address see above) for the functionality and services of the app.
  • The participant is entitled to disagree to the transfer of her/his personal data, request the deletion, file a complaint with the responsible authority and or an amendment to personal data. In such cases the participant is obligated to give the operator written notice. Usage of the Cologne Marathon app is only possible with agreement of the privacy terms and conditions.
  • The user agrees that activities associated with the app will be recorded, processed, and analysed via Google Analytics and Firebase for purposes of app optimisation. The recorded data will not be passed on to third parties.
  • The user agrees that the operator can send information concerning current and future events to her/his mobile device via push notifications.


9 Duration of data retention

  • Locally stored data will remain in the app until the user deletes the app on her/his mobile device. Data like split times, positioning etc. will stored on the servers of Poolie and raceresult.
  • Further development of the app is planned in the future. This may include services which are intended for everyday use.


10 Exclusion of liability

  • The operator is not liable for malfunction or impairment of user experience, GPS and/or mobile reception during the event.


11 Applicable law

  • Only Germany law is applicable.
  • Place of jurisdiction is Cologne (Köln), GERMANY.
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